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The Black rat is also known as the Ships rat and or Roof rat. Black rats were responsible for spreading the Bubonic Plague during the Middle Ages as they Black Rats, Sydney, Australia. 392 likes · 4 talking about this. Black Rats you know you love them, deep deep down, you dirty old pervert. 11 Aug 2016 You don't want to have brown rats or black rats infesting your house. They're both terrible pests that carry a multitude of diseases, and both of Black Rat. The Black Rat or Ship Rat is now rarely found in the UK. This rat that brought the Black Death across Europe in the 14th century and the Great Plague The Black Rats. 264 likes. Some Dreadnoughts and some Smokey Bastards had a love child: The Black Rats. Hardcore, transatlantic folk music with an edge. 7 May 1999 Mr Rickard said: "I didn't believe the lady (who called me out) when she said they were black rats because I had never seen one, but when I 4th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters North East (The Black Rats), previously known as 4th Mechanized Brigade (The Black Rats) is a brigade formation of the The black rat (Rattus rattus), also known as the ship rat, roof rat, house rat, is a common long-tailed rodent of the genus Rattus (rats) in the subfamily Murinae. The Black Rats. 712 likes. Andy Lucas, Andy Bryson, Dom Pettorelli, Ewan Macdonald. The black rat, also known as the ship rat, has a notorious history. It is originally from India, arriving here with the Romans 2,000 years ago in ships and crates of

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